Rainbow Shower tree 2012-2015



You can see in the above photos taken exactly three years apart how nature grows and evolves. Notice how much bigger, greener and more lush both the Rainbow Shower tree and the bushes are?

And that’s even after I had pruned the tree quite aggressively in recent weeks. Just another example of the plant world loving this “global warming” period we are in despite all the human protestations against it.

Procreation at the Rainbow Shower is also helped sometimes by human intervention. Meaning – mine, as the humble caretaker of this Garden of Eden in Paradise on Earth.

You see below a short story and some photos from Sep 15 when I transplanted 15 different decorative native trees to accent the two boundary lines down in the gulch.

During the last five days or so, I also did a lot of manual weeding in between the Panyx trees along this 250-foot long border. This was a prelude to hauling in 10 big bags of red mulch which I laid down to prevent further weeds from growing in the future.

Take a look at these two boundary lines now…


IMG_4605 PANIX 2015-02-28 at 7.08.37 PM IMG_4606 IMG_4611 IMG_4607 IMG_4608 IMG_4607

UPDATE SEP 23, 2015

Finished finally, after 6 days of work and 25 cubic feet of red mulch . Here’s the final shot of the North-South boundary looking toward the north from the end of the line.

Panyx north-south line 9-23-15 Sun-Earth creation art - Giordano Bruno

“I put your work on as art,” a friend just commented about these Rainbow Shower, Maui pictures.

I had never thought of it before as such. But it’s true. Art is co-creation with the Divine. Which is what this is. The Divine in this case are Mother Earth and Father Sun and other celestial entities (painting art by Giordano Bruno).

UPDATE SEP 24, 2015


While watering my new green and red tree babies this morning, I counted them all.  It turns out, I have planted or transplanted 239 trees along the 250-foot Rainbow Shower boundaries.

So there will be lots of new tree-hugging opportunities in the gulch in a few years… 🙂

PANYX 2015-09-24

UPDATE 2: SEP 24, 2015


I’ve just learned something quite fascinating which can help explain why I was guided to work with all these trees every day since September 15. On that date, my FB friend Uros Pocajt had a channeling which he posted today at the Stewards of the Earth FB group page.

It turns out, the trees are right now AHEAD of the humans in their ascension process. So if we stick close to the trees, some of their healing energies may rub off on us. ‘

Of course, I had no idea about that until today, Sept 24, by which time my Rainbow Shower Procreation and Beautification project was already finished.

But I was really blown away when I realized that I had STARTED that project on Sep 15, the day this high energy transmission countdown also began.
There are no coincidences, of course. Just wonderful guidance by our Spirit guides and teachers.

Sun-Earth creation art - Giordano Bruno Rainbow Shower tree 2012-2015 IMG_4613

September Frequency Peak, New Earth and the Shift in Consciousness — The Cosmic Journey of Lai –

LAI: We need to shape it the way we want to, so the effects are that… it’s changing us physically, actually, everyone’s molecules to the quantum level .But to shape it, we have to use our own mind.”

Laron: “Use our own mind to make use of the changes, you mean?”

Lai: “Yes, else it will be just a default shape and sometimes it will look just like a disease. Some people who hold negative thoughts may get more cancers now. While someone who is not being negative, can create miracle based shifts in their body. (By Manifesting?) 

Yes. Maybe bones in their body will heal in a few seconds. I see that within five seconds, healing of the bones can take place. Especially blood, it’s flowing so fast now that many people will think they have heart problems or high blood pressure — but this is not the case.

Many people already know about trees being able to heal and help people. People hug trees and see this as a new age thing, and this can become social and the value is lost because of the novelty. 

Right now, this incoming energy is helping as the trees receive their energies, their molecules are changing. When a human goes to seek relief with a tree, a tree can especially help with the back bone. With most people, if the spine is aligned, the rest of the body will be aligned, and healthier. 

Besides hugging a tree, you can also keep your back against a tree for 20 minutes and ask to be grounded through the roots of the tree. Because trees function…. if you say it’s a kingdom of trees, they work together — all the trees can work and release the physical problems that you have, very fast. With one energy healer, together with the tree, more benefits can come. 

The trees are receiving the most energies right now, more than humans.

Laron: “Can you explain what happens to the trees after they receive all this energy? What is the benefit for them?”

GC: “After they receive all these energies, they keep saving the Earth and they also restore energy for humans, as when one goes under a tree they feel happier, because of the tree storing energies from before. Happy means high frequency. So trees store their frequency there, so a human who is under a tree becomes a little bit happier with the high frequencies of a tree. Other than that, you can use the powers of the trees to manifest faster. 

September Frequency Peak, New Earth and the Shift in Consciousness — The Cosmic Journey of Lai –

* * *

UPDATE 3 – SEP 24, 2015


It is becoming banal, or even trite, to keep using the terms like “magic” or “miracle” about the happenings at the Rainbow Shower.   But I don’t know what else to say to describe what just occurred a few minutes ago.

Right after posting the above Update 2 about the healing benefits of tree-hugging at this point of high energy transmissions from the celestial realm, I felt compelled to go back down to the Rainbow Shower.
Giraffe bridge 3-31-15Giraffe bridge 2

I had no spiritual intentions in mind when I did that. It was hot in the house.  I wanted to just sit in the IMG_3560cool shade under my Giraffe Banyan tree, and meditate looking at the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (AHA), the sacred place and shaman’s altar at the Rainbow Shower (which you can see in that shot on the left).

No sooner had I closed my eyes and started meditating,  I felt the urge to actually hug that Banyan tree. Up until now, I have never actually done it with any if the several thousand trees here at the Rainbow Shower.

IMG_4621 IMG_4623 IMG_4626

So I jumped up and did it – both front and back. I almost never go down to the gulch topless. But this evening I did. Without thinking about it. I only realized it when it felt good to have my skin touching the smooth bark of the Banyan.

I had intended to stay a long time leaning on the tree with my back. It felt good and comfortable. So I closed my eyes.

No sooner did I do that, I felt a tad bit of misting on my skin. Out of the clear sky! So I opened my eyes and gasped at the sight of that big fat beautiful double rainbow greeting me from above the Rainbow Shower home.

So I grabbed my camera and ran up the 80-ft slope to the other side of the gulch, the Eucalyptus Hill, for a better view of the rainbow.

And here are the shots I took… It was a breathtaking experience, both literally and figuratively.



And then this rare clear sky rainbow vanished, just as quickly as it appeared. Take a look at these two shots taken from the Banyan tree 10 minutes apart.

Rainbow from Banyan tree

* * *

UPDATE SEP 26, 2015


Five or six years ago, when I was constructing the celestial network at the Rainbow Shower based on a dream I had at Lake Titicaca in Peru, I needed to have some accurate aerial views in order to align the 8 points of the network with the central Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (AHA), the sacred place.
I tried hiring a helicopter but found out that was too expensive. Eventually, I improvised. I had Elizabeth stand in the middle of the AHA with some helium-filled balloons, while I moved around the surrounding hills on the property aligning the 8 points.
It worked perfectly as the subsequent Google Earth pictures proved. And it cost me only a couple of dollars in helium balloons. 🙂
Today, I participated in a special aerial shoot of the Rainbow Shower using a drone camera. It was done by a professional cameraman – Phil. I just tagged along as his guide to the property while learning all I could about how the drone cameras work.

Drone shoot 9-26-15 IMG_4647

I asked Phil if his camera has a name. He said it did not. So in my mind, I named it Busy Bee. Because of the buzzing sound it makes. And because it can fly anywhere within 1 km distance and 400 m height.
It was quite fascinating. Eventually, I am hoping to see a video of what Phil has done. In the meantime, here are a couple of still shots of Phil and his drone at work at the Rainbow Shower.
* * *

UPDATE SEP 26, 2015


What’s good for the drone is good for the throne. A wedding throne in this case.

Our next door neighbor’s wedding was hanging in the balance between rain and sunshine. Just like our drone shoot.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 4.29.30 PMThe culprit?

Tropical storm Niala (see the map  – right). She was battling the high pressure system north of the Hawaiian islands. And losing…

In the end, after an all morning and early afternoon rain, the sun came out just as Phil and I were getting ready for our drone shoot. And it stayed out until sunset. Which also made it possible for the wedding party to enjoy their big moment outdoors at the bottom of their property which abuts the Rainbow Shower.

Here are some pictures from that wedding starting with favorite – with Leo, their horse, in the foreground.


IMG_4649 Welker wedding closeup Welkers wedding setup

NEIGHBOURS’ WEDDING: Here’s a closeup of Leo and the wedding party…

Leo wedding closeup

 * * *

Here’s also the equinox sunset…





This was the day the sun stayed away most of the time from the Rainbow Shower. Rain, torrential at times, gentle for the most part, dominated the weather scene. The result was cooler air and  a welcome break from the heavy, humid heat that prevailed most of the summer over Maui.

This afternoon, I used the opportunity to do little procreation at the Rainbow Shower.  I transplanted three kinds of native plants to fill in the gaps in a natural green Panyx fence line I had my landscaper do in late May, while we were in Arizona.

When I returned three weeks ago, there were still a few small gaps in places where the original Panyx plants didn’t make it. Nothing unusual. Par for the course.  A 90% survival rate is good. No, strike good. Ninety percent or higher is great!

Because it was raining so hard most of the day, there was no way I could take the seedlings and tools down into the gulch in El Jeepo, as I would have done on a sunny day. So I loaded up what I could in a wheelbarrow, and pushed it down some 80 vertical feet of elevation difference that our Orchard Rd traverses.

It brought back memories of our early days at the Rainbow Shower, before I had a Jeep and the wheelbarrow was my main means of transportation up and down from the gulch. 🙂

It was fun working in the driving rain.  It always feels good to get some mud under one’s fingernails. I did not use any gloves, of course. What would be the point in the rain and mud?

Anyway, here’s the result of my procreation efforts…


IMG_4586IMG_4587 IMG_4588


IMG_4589 IMG_4590

It was only after I was done that I counted the plants I had transplanted. As it turns out, it was a perfect triple five’s effort: 5 new red T-plants, 5 new Panyx, 5 new Crotons.

And what does 5+5+5 number mean numerologically? It is an Angel Number, it turns out. Here’s a thought on that from…


Number 555 is comprised of the number 5 appearing tripled, making 555 a powerful number with its energies and attributes of being three-fold, amplified and reinforced.  555 carries the strong vibrations of making decisions and choices, life changes and new opportunities, adventure, curiosity, challenges, idealism and act

Angel Number 555 tells of significant and necessary changes happening in your life that have been Divinely inspired and guided.  These changes will bring about long-awaited circumstances and results and will fully align you with your true Divine life purpose and soul mission.

* * *




Last night, we had strong winds here at the Rainbow Shower. While doing my midnight meditation in the spa and listening to the howling of the wind, I said to myself, “wonder what kind of broken tree limbs I would find down in the gulch in the morning.”

Indeed. During my morning rounds with a friend, we found our way blocked by a big broken limb on the Royal Palm Trail. We could not squeeze past it on foot. So I made a mental note to return this afternoon with El Jeepo and my chainsaw to try to remove the limb.

WIMG_4383IMG_4385hen I got down there in early afternoon, i first said my prayers and ask the Spirit realm to watch over me while I do this dangerous work. Remember my chainsaw injury on the first day back in Maui on Aug 25? (two photos – left and right).

Once I got into it, I have to say that the tree fought back valiantly. it clearly did not want to be manhandled into submission. At one point, I actually came as close to getting killed on the property as ever in the last 6-7 years. And I have cleared tons of broken limbs and trees in much more precarious positions than this one without a major mishap.

So what happened?

IMG_4679 IMG_4680

Well, at one point, half of that big tree you see in above pictures actually fell on me. But I was able to throws myself sideways and land on my back on that dirt bank you see on the right. I walked away with only a couple of scratches on my right leg, left knee and my back. Nothing serious. So don’t worry.

I got up, cleaned the wounds up, and continued to chainsaw the big limb into pieces which I then hauled away. So the road is clear for your showings once again.

IMG_4681 IMG_4682

How did the accident happen?

Well, the limb had not completely broken off. Its weight was resting on a couple of branches that were embedded in the muddy ground. When I started cutting it, I suspected that something like that might happen. So I was ready to jump out of the way. But the speed at which the tree broke off and fell surprised me. So I was not able completely to get out of the way.

Still, I kept my head out of its path. Which is why I am now able to report all this – a Lucky Lumberjack. 🙂

All’s well that ends well, they say. And this tree-cutting adventure certainly ended well. The road is now clear. The Royal Palm Trail is open once again.

* * *

UPDATE OCT 1, 2015


Several friends wrote back to me in reaction to saying “Lucky Lumberjack” story expressing their concern and gratitude that I was spare severe injury or even death when that big limb fell on me yesterday afternoon on the Royal Palm Trail (see

“Yes that can be dangerous and even deadly work,” one of them wrote.

To which I replied, “True. Except when you have Divine protection and are not deliberately being reckless. Everything that happens is a lesson. It’s up to us to discern what it is.”

“Yes, for sure. Absolutely,” the friend replied. “And the lesson?”

That question sort of put me on the spot. I had not yet contemplated that. I just knew that I was spared for a reason. So shooting from the hip, I replied, “I was only slightly injured. They (my Spirit guides) had warned warning me once before to leave the chainsaw alone, like with that knee injury. But today, I had no choice. The showings have already started. I had to clear it. So they just gave me a slap on the wrist, kind of like saying, ‘remember what your knee taught you about the chainsaw’?”Curlly tail dog tree

As I thought about it further, I thought the big limb looked like a curly tail dog with centipede legs.

But then, last night, in a semi-awake time, the big limb that fell on me came to me as a Scorpion symbol.

Take a look…

IMG_4680 IMG_4680

Which made me do some research today to understand the symbolic meaning of the Scorpion, and thus further interpret the Spirit message. So here’s what I found out…

Symbolic Meanings of the Scorpion

“A potent message the Scorpion chooses to express is that of protection and/or isolation.”

  • In Samaria, the Scorpion is associated with the Sun, and ancient writings depict Scorpion-men guarding (protecting) sacred gateways leading to ascension, pleasure and enlightenment.
  • Death symbolism comes into play in Greco-Roman mythology where Artemis (Diana) used the Scorpion to sting Orion’s foot, which caused his death. Afterwards, Zeus (Jupiter) made the Scorpion a zodiac sign among the stars.
  • There are some species where the venom is actually the antidote for its sting (like cobras). In Egypt and Tibet this is seen as an omen, and the Scorpion is made into an amulet – signifying protection and warding off evil. In Africa, the Scorpion is also seen as a healing sign – its venomous oil used for medicinal purposes.

Therefore, as a symbol meaning, the Scorpion represents protection. When the Scorpion makes an appearance in our lives, it is beckoning us to consider the following:

Symbolic Messages from the Scorpion

  • What needs protecting in my life?
  • Am I being overprotective?
  • Am I being defensive? Why?
  • Am I afraid of being vulnerable?
  • How do I feel about control in my life? (too much, too little)

Looks like that’s my homework for today, Oct 1, 2015.

* * *

UPDATE SEP 23, 2016



Another flash flood roars down the Rainbow Shower gulch on Sep 23, 2016

Unfortunately, most of that red mulch and even some of the boards have been washed out in flash floods since a year ago. But most of the trees are thriving and have more than doubled in size.

In fact, when I went back down to the gulch this morning to take this panorama shot for the “then and now” comparison, I saw that more boards and red much had washed out in another flash flood we had last night (Sep 23, 2016). I have lost count of how many flash floods we have had in the last year.
The creek has receded since that time, but it is still quite muddy from the erosion it is bringing down the mountain. 

So I have more repair work cut out for myself to re-anchor the boards that had washed out. I have given up on the mulch around the riverbed.
The good news and the silver lining?
The footbridge is still standing, as you can see…
Inline image 3Inline image 4


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