Celebrating Hawaiian Culture

It has been several years since I was last at the Maui County Fair. Perhaps in 2012? I am not sure.

In fact, I didn’t even know the Fair was on until a friend mentioned it to me yesterday.

Yet five years ago, the Maui County Fair was at the top of our list of important events.  The 2010 Fair was when Elizabeth won the first prizes in quilt competitions for both large and small creations.

Bob musical quilt-web Quilt_TXs IMG_4672

Eliz Musical quilt  2014-01-02 at 9.55.16 AMThe small one she made for me, she said. The large one, for her native state of Texas (see “Elizabeth – Double Winner – They still grace our Rainbow Shower home.

Compare them to that wimpy 2′ x 3′ quilt featuring two witches and a cat which won the 1st price this year! (right photo).  Guess quilt-making may be going downhill in Maui.

Today seemed hardly the day to make a return visit to the Fair. The tropical storm Niala has been dumping tons of rain on our island. At times, Maui looked more like the Highlands of Scotland than Hawaii.

Here are some shots I took around noontime today. The mountains around the Iao Valley above Wailuku were lost in the fog and clouds. They looked like the Gates of Hell.

IMG_4655 IMG_4657 IMG_4653

And the weather got WORSE (!) from there on… 🙂

Undaunted, I went to the Fair and promptly fell off the wagon.

IMG_4662 IMG_4673

Since about three years ago, Elizabeth and I have been avoiding eating fried or gluten-rich foods like the plague. At least when we are together. But with her still being in Arizona and confessing over the phone about her dietary transgressions, I also broke down today and had some Malasadas and Funnel Cake at the Fair.

“No dinner for you tonight,” I resolved as I was munching and loving the “bad” food.

Nobody else seems to be feeling bad about doing the same.  🙂

5The highlight of my hour-and-a-half visit to the Fair was the Ulalena show. I caught just the end of it, right after polishing off my Malasadas. 🙂

The Ulalena musical celebrates the Hawaiian culture. Elizabeth and I saw it several years ago in Lahaina where it plays every day for tourists and kama’aina (locals) alike. It is the second longest running musical in America, according to the Ulalena promoter, who said that only “Cats” has had a longer run on Broadway.

Here’s a 1:25 min-video clip from the show’s finale…

* * *

After the show, the cast came back out to the stage and each spoke for a few minutes about why they are doing it and what it means to them. There was a short Q&A afterward.

Here are also some still shots from that segment:

Ulelani-dancers 9-27-15 IMG_4667 IMG_4671

My drive back home took me past the Kahului harbor. Like clockwork every Sunday, there was the “Pride of America” cruise ship disgorging the thousands of  floating tourists upon Maui.


The ship sails on Monday night on to Hilo on the Big Island. Elizabeth and I have learned to set our clocks by its schedule. 🙂

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