Mozart’s opera “Magic Flute” was the main reason for our weekend trip to Oahu. And it was a fabulous experience (see “MAGIC FLUTE:” AN ASCENSION STORY WRITTEN OVER TWO CENTURIES AGO – http://wp.me/p1jFeo-1rn).

But before and after the opera we also had fun doing other things. Like walking and frolicking on Oahu’s beaches.

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon on Kailua beach on windward shore of Oahu. On Sunday morning, we did something similar on Waikiki beach in Honolulu.

Here are some photo memories we brought home from this delightful weekend…

Kailua Beach – Saturday afternoon

DSCF4953 DSCF4954 DSCF4952


Waikiki Beach – Sunday morning


IMG_4713 IMG_4716 IMG_4718 IMG_4717

Elizabeth is not much of a beach person. But this Sunday, she spent nearly an hour frolicking on Waikiki. Which is very unusual for her.

It reminded me of another day earlier this year when she did something similar at Castle Beach in Western Australia (see Feb 20, 2015 – FAREWELL: DAY OF BEAUTIFUL BEACHES).

DSCF4956 DSCF4957 DSCF4965 DSCF4964 DSCF4962 DSCF4961

Opera and Dinner at “Hy’s” – Sunday evening

After the opera, we went to dinner to our favorite restaurant – “Hy’s” – where we usually celebrate our anniversaries every year. This time, however, we went there “just because.” And had a great time as usual.

IMG_4720 Magic Flute-header  IMG_4719 HOT Magic Flute IMG_4721

IMG_4728 IMG_4727

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