We live in the Land of Rainbows (Hawaii).  My property is called the Rainbow Shower. During the last seven years or so, I have seen dozens, if not hundreds of rainbows.  Many of them were spectacular double rainbows I have share with you, both at sunset and in the morning.

On very rare occasions – only three in seven years – I have even seen lunar rainbows. In fact, moonbows are so rare that many people are not even aware they exist.  They do. But you have to be up at odd hours to see them.

And no, I am not talking about a big circle around the moon. Which is a fairly common sight.  I am talking about a real rainbow created by the light of the moon.  Like these…

Lunar Rainbow3-11-12 Lunar_ Rainbow_6_10_11 Lunar rainbow_Panorama 7-29-12

My cameras are not good enough for night photography, so the pictures are pretty grainy. But you get the idea. And the last time it happened, on July 29, 2012, over three years ago, I even made a video about it (see Rare Lunar Rainbow, July 29, 2012 and Magical Sunday, 3-12-12):

* * *

When you experience life between rainbows, you know you are being blessed by the celestial realm. But what if one were to experience lunar and solar rainbows in less than 9 hours? What kind of a blessing to you suppose that would represent?

An enormous one, I am sure. Because I have never seen anything like it. Until today.

Last night around 10:45 PM, something made me walk out to the lanai. I caught a glimpse of the setting moon that looked like a big yellow banana. Then I felt a gentle misting on my face.

Immediately, I turned around and looked toward the east. The lights in our house were still on, so it took a minute or two for my eyes to adjust to darkness. And then I saw it: A beautiful large lunar rainbow.

Lunar rainbow 7-29-12

I could not believe my eyes. Not just because they are extremely rare. And I have not seen one since July 29, 2012. But because the Moon phas Oct 19 2015moon was so small. It was not even half full. I thought the moon had to be at least close to full for us to have a chance of seeing a moonbow.

Clearly, I was looking at one created by that big yellow banana setting over the Rainbow Shower Eucalyptus trees in the west.

I called to Elizabeth to come out. But she didn’t want to. I don’t remember what her excuse was. But I didn’t care. I walked down the lawn where it was darker to catch a better glimpse of this rare phenomenon.

“This is the Spirit realm’s sign it is time for me to record that new version of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto which I dubbed Lunar Concerto.” I thought.

“Danke, Herr Mozart,” I said out loud. “Ich will es morgen versuchen” (I will try it tomorrow).

Fast-forwarding to this morning…

I had just gotten out of the spa where I do my morning prayers and incantations when the light misting started again.

Immediately, I turned to the west this time. And saw this beautiful giant clear sky double rainbow.

I got all choked up. My eyes moistened. Such is the beauty and the power of divine communication.

And then I realized… 10-19-2015 was both a #11 and a #3 day, numerologically.  And both of these Masters numbers have a special significance in my life. Which was another confirmation of the divine origin of these rainbow messages.

So off to my Clavinova I go to work on that Mozart Lunar Concerto… 🙂

2015_moon_phase_calendar 10-19-15

Rainbow Shower tree 2012-2015


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