Irrigation work 12-23-15

UPDATE DEC 23, 2015


You know what they say, “if fate hands you a lemon, squeeze it and make a lemonade.”

Well, that’s what I tried to do this afternoon. Except that fate gifted me a lot of mud instead of a lemon. After eight days on constant showers, on and off, the ground in the Rainbow Shower gulch was so saturated that walking on grass left muddy imprints and felt more like skating.

So what’s the one thing soggy ground is good for? Digging. Because it’s soft.

So I spent much of the afternoon digging and creating a new micro irrigation system to protect the red mulch I had placed along the Panyx trees boundary last fall. During our Thanksgiving day flash flood, much of that was washed out and I had to replace it a couple of weeks later.

I used the mud I dug up to make a ditch to create embankments around the boards on both sides of the Panyx tree line.

And so this was a final result. May not seem like much from the photos, but I lost nearly three pounds ditch-digging on a fairly cool day by Hawaiian standards.

Needless to say I also looked like a took a mud bath by the end of the afternoon. 🙂

 * * *

UPDATE DEC 26, 2015

Rainbow Shower Google Earth 1-13-13


Creating New Creek Tributary – West Kuiaha Stream

It did not take long for the steady rains to put my new irrigation ditch to a test.  Only three days. This morning, I went down to the gulch to expect my new engineering works.

So how did the “mud engineer” do?

Well, I’d give myself about a C+ overall.  About 2/3 of the new water flow went where it was supposed to. But the 1/3 overflowed and seeped across some of my red mulch border. And there was also a fair bit of sitting water.

So back down I went again armed with a spade and a pick. About an hour or so later, soaked by new rains and muddy to my knees, I was happy to report that the full drainage of excess flow had started, by passing the Panyx trees and the red mulch border around them.

And that the Rainbow Shower creek now has a new tributary – the West Kuiaha stream which is now flowing directly into the East Kuiaha creek.

And that the Rainbow Shower creek now has a new tributary – the West Kuiaha stream which is now flowing directly into the East Kuiaha creek.


Take a look at this 2-minute video…

CREATING NEW CREEK TRIBUTARY AT THE RAINBOW SHOWER  – Dec 26, 2015 – a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – “mud engineer” for a day

 * * *





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