Keanae panorama 1-02-15

Ke’anae, a small peninsula about halfway between Haiku and Hana  (map),  is the closest place to the Rainbow Shower where one can see a sunrise over the Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 7.24.19 PMocean. That’s where I was hoping to celebrate the Winter Solstice sunrise on Dec 21.

Alas, it was not to be. Clouds and rain canceled the sunrise that morning.

Another tradition for Elizabeth and me is to go on an interesting outing on the first day of a New Year. That would have been yesterday.

Once again, the weather gods had a different idea. It rained most of the morning yesterday. So we spent the early afternoon in the Sunrise at Keanaekitchen preparing our traditional New Year’s meal – crepes stuffed with walnuts and chocolate for me, blackeyed peas for Elizabeth.

So today, on a clear day, at least at the Rainbow Shower, on a spur of a moment, we decided to go out and try to make up for both missed special moments.  We mounted our El Jeepo and headed toward Hana.

We dismounted at the rugged Ke’anae peninsula to take these shots of the wild surf (18-24 ft) crashing against the lava rocks on the short.

Keanae 1-2-16 IMG_5059

A little further down the road, we came across this group of native Hawaiians fishing off the jagged lava rocks, while being splashed by big waves.


On the other side of the peninsula, facing east where the sun would have risen on Dec 21 as on any other day, I asked Elizabeth to take this picture of me.


Which I then flipped around so that the shadows align property with the rising sun behind me.

And voila! We a bit of Photoshop magic, I combined the Solstice and the New Year’s sunrises into this one…

Keanae sunset

Meanwhile, this is what the 18-24 ft surf looked like this afternoon in front of me…

IMG_5074 (1) IMG_5059 IMG_5074

And on the other side of the bay, the waves were playing like this…

IMG_5082 IMG_5081 IMG_5079

Elizabeth was the first one to notice this Shetland Pony. At first I did not see him. He was so short and his hide blended so well into the brown scenery that I had to look DOWN to see him. 🙂


He did not care about the view or me. He kept on eating peacefully amid the roar of the wild surf as I was snapping pictures of him.

And that’s how we spent this Saturday afternoon, Jan 2, 2016 – trying to make up for missed sunrises and foregone trips.

 * * *






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