Jan 15, 2016

Hookipa Panorama 1-15-16

35-45 Blue and White Giants Roll On and Crash into Rugged Coastline

They were not kidding when the weathermen said we would get 35-45 ft surf today. Right after posting a heads-up about it this morning, Elizabeth and I jumped into our El Jeepo and headed down the unpaved rough and tumble road to Jaws.

Jaws is a cove about 4 miles from the Rainbow Shower where the world surfing record was set in 2001 with a 75-ft ride.


When big surf comes to Maui, half the island seems to move to our neighborhood. So even though it was only mid-morning, there were already hundreds of people watching the surfers being towed in and taking on the giant waves.

But we’ve seen it all before with even bigger waves. So we did not stay very long.

“We’ve done our annual pilgrimage,” I joked. “We can go now.”

We drove on for about 5 miles or so to another world famous surfing spot – Ho’okipa Point. Now here, today, the surf was truly spectacular. We stayed probably half an hour watching and filming the blue and white giants break and crash into the rugged shore.

At one point, while making a video, my legs got splashed by a rogue wave. I heard a young woman behind me scream, “you’re too close. You’ll get sucked in.”

It’s all on film which you’ll be able to see when I edit and post it. For now, you can also see a still shot Elizabeth took of my standing on the tip of Ho’okipa Point and filming the surf.

I just smiled and waved to her back, thinking she was a tourist. Later, after I finished filming and went over to talk to her and Elizabeth, I found out that she was also local. And that she thought I was a crazy tourist who did not respect the dangers of the ocean.

Well, maybe I was (crazy). But definitely not a tourist… 🙂

Take a look at some still shots… (the two surfer shots are file photos from Jaws)

Hookipa Panorama2 1-15-16Untitled_Panorama3 1-15-16.jpg

Fruit stands spring up along with big surf
Our “El Jeepo” looking as if it is surfing down a green lawn 🙂
Here are some additional shots from the Maui Big Surf Spectacular…

Here’s now a video of the spectacular surf on Maui’s north shore…

 * * *


ESPN, Jan 26, 2016

Surfers risk lives paddling into historic 80-foot waves

You saw it first at the Rainbow Shower “news channel.” And now, ESPN has also published a story about the huge waves that made waves and news on Maui 11 days ago.

It is not often that one beats the national news network by 11 days. It helps if you live within 4 miles of the world’s greatest two surfing spots – the Jaws and Ho’okipa Point.  That’s what Elizabeth and I did on Jan 15, when giant surf arrived in Maui (see MAUI BIG SURF SPECTACULAR), drawing out the best professional surfers onto the waves.

Today, ESPN caught up with us. The sports network published a great story about that day, including some spectacular pictures. Take a look…

The Jaws 1-15-16

I inserted our El Jeepo at the exact spot where we parked that morning at Jaws.

For more, see…

Surfers risk lives paddling into historic 80-foot waves –

* * *


Jan 22, 2015

Here are also some scenes from the same two surfing spots – Jaws and Ho’okipa Point – from a year ago…

Jaws_Panorama2 1-22-15



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