Hulopoe Beach panorama
A composite shot of Hulopoe Beach in Lanai
View of Maui in background from high cliffs of Hulopoe Beach in Lanai (composite shot)

Elizabeth and I may seem like cats when it comes to staking out our home state territory.  Since our Yin home is on an archipelago, we like to visit every year some other Hawaiian islands besides Maui.

Last spring, for example, we went to Kauai to experience the “Jurassic Park” at the wettest spot on this planet. And we also did a sunset sailing around Napali coast.

Hulopoe Beach in June 2013

This fall, we wanted to go to our neighbor island Lanai. The last time we were there was for my birthday in 2013 (see below). Alas, when I tried to do it on Labor Day 2015, I got as far as Lahaina before I was told that it was raining on Lanai.

We also tried to sail to Lanai as our post-Thanksgiving 2015 trip. Again we were thwarted by the weather. Strong winds made the return of the Expedition boat iffy. So we gave Expedition ferrythat idea up.

Well, yesterday, Jan 23, our third attempt to go to Lanai in the last 5 months was the charm. We had a great trip and wonderful experience, both sailing and whale-watching, and on the ground in Hawaii. We climbed up to the high cliffs over Hulopoe Beach, and also splashed around in the ocean below.

Take a look, starting with this view of the great cliffs, the pali in Hawaiian, which we also climbed…

Great cliffs on Hulopoe Beach we climbed. You can see Maui in the distant background.



And now, here are some shots from our return sailing and a wonderful sunset over Lanai as seen from Lahaina…

* * *


I wanted to go sailing to Lanai for my birthday in 2013. So here are some of the pictures we brought home from that wonderful day. It is interesting, isn’t it, the weather seemed to be colder in June than in January, at least judging by our attire. 🙂

Birthday dinner in Lahaina…


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