Ocean vistas 3



Every day here at the Rainbow Shower in Maui has its charms… the mist, the rain, the flash floods, the rainbows and double rainbows that follow. On this January day, the trade winds had returned and the Rainbow Shower looked about as scenic as can be.

Camera cannot really do justice to the beautiful ocean and mountain vistas I have enjoyed while doing my rounds (walking around) this morning. But here are some anyway, just to give you all a feel for what this perfect day looks like here on Maui.

We’ll start with these ocean vistas from our master bedroom, lanai and the spa.

And on the other side, this is the view the spa offers of the 10,000-ft Haleakala Summit.

No wonder a friend recently remarked hyperbolically, “this is a million dollar-spa.” 🙂

Haleakala Summit

Here are now some ocean vistas from our master bedroom/lanai. You can see the West Maui Mountains and the island of Molokai in the left corner.

Ocean vista 2

Ocean vista 1

Here are also view of the West Maui Mountains in the morning light…

West Maui Mtns



 * * *

UPDATE FEB 25, 2017


Here’s the emailed invoice I received from my contractor for the home repairs completed for 894 E Kuiaha Rd, per our Feb 21, 2017 J-1 General Inspection of Property Notice.


You should note that the Items 5. and 10. were NOT required per our Feb 21, 2017 agreement. I did these repairs voluntarily as any responsible owner would even though the home inspector had evidently missed them. I have also repaired an additional spot on the deck close to the spa that the inspector had missed (see the photos below).

PHOTOS OF COMPLETED REPAIRS (in order of the Feb 21, 2017 J-1 General Inspection of Property Notice).

  • New Master Bedroom Sliding Screen Door (box stored in shed)
  • Garage door repaired inside and out
  • Missing or damaged rooftop shingles replaced, 15 leftover new shingles left in garage for new owners
  • Gutters and downspout cleaned and flushed, leaky joints repaired
  • Two areas of minor dry rot on the deck repaired, additional areas touched and painted
  • Exterior GFCI switch under kitchen window replaced
  • Masking tape removed from one of the wall switches in the office (“right bedroom” per the report).

EXPLANATIONThere is nothing wrong with this switch. I put this tape on many years ago because the switch turns on and off the wall outlets to which our computers are plugged it.  I was tired of turning them off accidentally when I came into this room at night and then having to reboot them.  I had completely forgotten about it until I saw the inspector’s report. 

  • Water pressure regulator replaced, pressure turned down to 60 PSI
  • Kitchen and vanity sinks “voids” sealed with foam spray
  • Bottom portions of the master bedroom door pressboard casings replaced and repainted


EXTRA REPAIRS NOT in Home Inspection Report

  • Chipped wall in garage wall filled in with plaster and repainted
  • Two interior switches replaced in the family room
  • Minor dry rot crack repaired at the end of the deck next to the spa



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