Monday, Feb 22 was the day on which we had been planning since several weeks ago we would go to Sedona, do a couple of hikes, reconnect with some of our local friends, and eat a pizza dinner at the Oak Creek Brewery.

In other words, continue our Sedona traditions.

And so it turned out for the most part. Unfortunately one of our Sedona friends who has become a sort of our local trail guide had to have dental surgery on that very day. So we had to take a raincheck. But we did a hike to which she introduced us last year anyway on our own – the Hiline Trail. It’s about a 4-mile hike at an elevation of up to 4,700 ft.

Here are some photo memories we brought back…

One of the first things that got our attention was the Gibraltar Rock. I have been coming to Sedona now for over 35 years, and must have seen it dozens of times, but I never knew until Feb 22, 2016 what its name was.

And Gibraltar has a very special meaning for Elizabeth and me. It was her favorite spot on our entire tour of Spain in May 2014 (seeSPAIN 2014 – 18 CITIES IN 7 DAYS – IN 100 SECONDS). For reasons that are quite humorous, we had an exciting time just finding this huge rock, hard as that may be to believe (see above photo and THE ELUSIVE GIBRALTAR –

And now, here are some shots from the end of the Hiline Trail which offers a beautiful view of the Cathedral Rock (background).

After the hike, and before we went out to a pizza dinner with two of our Sedona friends, I took this picture of beautiful cherry blossom, with the Coffee Pot (rock) in the background.



Feb 23, 2016

The following day, we had intended to do another hike in Sedona before driving back home to Scottsdale. But when we saw the temperature was 47F with blustery winds, we just kept on driving south and did a hike a Pinnacle Peak instead (which is only 8 miles away from our home). It was a great day to be playing tourists in our own neighborhood. 🙂

You can also see the Four Peaks mountain, which is featured on Arizona license plates, in the background of Elizabeth’s solo shot.



We finished this mini-weekend (Mon-Tue) with a wonderful evening at the Arizona Musicfest 25th Anniversary Concert. It was the opening event of Musicfest 2016. And it was sold out. We had to park in the boonies. The organizers at the Pima Presbyterian Church evidently weren’t prepared for this size crowd.

Anyway, on the menu tonight, i.e., on the program, were the two Austrian M&M’s – Mozart and Mahler – Mozart’s 25rh Symphony and Mah;er’s “Titan” Symphony. Great performances!

And some wonderful photo memories for us, too…

 * * *

Update Feb 26, 2016


Back on Calvary hill trail for the first time since returning to Arizona. This is where Yeshua showed himself to me (in spirit) on Good Friday 2013 and gifted me a magic coin.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 5.16.43 PM.PNG

Master Yeshua, or Sananda if you prefer, has been helping guide me with this magic coin ever since.

It was a 3-hour bike-hike-hike during which I lost 5 pounds. And the temperature was “only” 84F. I am looking forward to doing it when it get back up into the triple digits. 🙂

I also prayed at a great rock which revealed its name to me today – Piedra de Madre (Mother Rock). In the past, I had felt its energies as that of a Buffalo and Eagle Spirit Shaman (see, Sep 2013).

I also had good company all the way on today’s hike… listening to beautiful music on my iPod.


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