What happened today was probably a deal of a lifetime. Not like the megadeals that the folks like Donald Trump make. But in my own humble way it was a big deal.

Furthermore, I cannot claim credit for it. Except perhaps for following my intuitions. The rest of the work, all the heavy lifting and hurdle-hopping was done by my Spirit guides. I just watched them work in awe.

I am sharing this slice of life, a slice of my life, with all of you in the hope of illustrating what can happen when we are aligned with the will of the Creator and the forces of the universe. Some would call it a miracle. I call it a deal of a lifetime.

This is also an example of another truism – if life hands you a lemon, squeeze it and make a lemonade.

The gist of the story is – I got a $33,500-brand new Nissan Leaf electric car today for about $7,000. Without actually paying a penny on the spot. And that’s no bull.

I know. It sounds like a gimmick. Too good to be true?

It was not (a gimmick). It did happen.  The beautiful Deep Blue Pearl Leaf which is now sitting in my garage at the Rainbow Shower in Maui is the proof of it.


This is a story about how this “deal of a lifetime” unfolded…

First Electric Licence Plate on Maui

Elizabeth and I happened upon a Nissan Leaf electric car by chance. We were in Honolulu for an opera performance in February 2012. Our car rental dealer offered us an an electric car. It was a Leaf. We had never considered such cars before. But being a Shaman and a Steward of the Earth, it was only appropriate that I should get one.

And so we did.  Our 2012 Nissan Leaf arrived in May 2012.

It turns out it was the first car with an electric license plate on Maui. Now there are hundreds of them.

“Maui is a haven for electric vehicle,” a friend recently observed. “Not just in the U.S. Perhaps in the world.”

And we were on the forefront of this trend.

Well, sometimes that’s the problem. As one of my Canadian clients told me in the 1980s, “we are on the BLEEDING edge of technology.”

I found that out last week upon returning home to Maui from a 2.5-month stay at our second home in Arizona. When I plugged our Leaf back to electric power, several warning lights were on that should not have been.

I took the car to the dealer. Bad news. About a $3,000 repair bill. That’s what happens to people on the bleeding edge of technology. The nice service manager promised to fight for me with Nissan and try to get them to pick up the tab.

I was grateful. But also knew better than to depend on it. So I appealed to a Court of Higher Powers. And they told me to buy a new car and offer my 2012 Leaf as a trade-in.

Today, I did that. And things worked like magic. As I said in the lead to this story, “I got a $33,500-brand new Nissan Leaf electric car today for about $7,000.”

And here are some pictures of me delivering my old 2012 Leaf to the dealer, and picking up my new one.

While the deal was being cooked up, I went out and did my shopping. So I had to transfer a lot of stuff from my old Sky Blue Leaf to my new Deep Blue Pearl Leaf.

When I shared this story with Elizabeth this evening, she had a hard time believing it. So I don’t blame you if you do, too. 🙂

But as they say, the proof is the pudding. And here’s the Deep Blue Pearl pudding – in our Rainbow Shower driveway.:-)

And that’s not bull. 🙂

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