June 22-23, 2016

Ever seen a lunar rainbow? If so, raise your hand.

And by that, I don’t mean a halo around the moon. The real lunar rainbows are just like the solar ones only far less bright. And extremely rare. No wonder I don’t see many hands up in the air. 🙂

On very rare occasions – only four in eight years – I have even seen lunar rainbows. In fact, moonbows are so rare that many people are not even aware they exist.  They do. But you have to be up at odd hours to see them.

Last night, just before midnight, I finished my nightly meditations and incantations and was getting ready to get back into the house. As I looked toward the west a faint light stopped me dead in my tracks.

“A lunar rainbow?” I wondered more instinctively than by sight.

I looked again. There it was. Clear as a bell, at least to my naked eye. I went into the house to get the camera and see if I can document this extremely rare celestial event. I did not hold out much hope for a clear picture. The light was so faint. So I recorded live my narration of what I was looking at.

And then, some eight hours later, a double rainbow formed across the southwest sky. I looked at the clock. It was 7:42 AM.

“Rainbow bookends,” I whispered in awe. Just like on Oct 19-20 of last year (see LUNAR RAINBOW LAST NIGHT FOLLOWED BY CLEAR SKY RAINBOW THIS MORNING – http://wp.me/p3R16m-2gY).


 * * *



JUNE 21-22, 2016

The last two days have been pretty momentous for Elizabeth and me, the Rainbow Shower owners and caretakers (https://www.facebook.com/rainbowshowersacred/).

Three landscaping problems that I have been having to grapple with for the last two months disappeared this afternoon. Just like that. Poof! And they were all gone.

Of course, I did ask my Spirit guides to help me with these issues. But I did not know when or where they would choose to grant me my wishes.

First yesterday, the Home Depot delivered my new riding mower. No, strike “delivered.” It felt more like they just dropped it in from the sky like a caged animal. Take a look at the crate. Like a prison cell.

And I had to rescue it from it. It took several hours of axe and hammer work to break its wooden bonds. Then try to get it out of there. Which I could not do on my own. Had to pay someone $25 to help me. Then test it. Then fuel it. Then…

Get the picture? It was totally a “do it yourself” project. Which I hate. I can do pretty much anything I can set my mind on. But I hate being a “handyman” or a mechanic. So today I called the Home Depot manager to give him a piece of my mind about that kind of
“customer care.”


That was yesterday. Today, it was the opposite. Our jade and travertine tabletop on the lanai was used as a helipad for a drone shoot. That also took a lot of doing.IMG_6346

First, the six satellites required for navigation took their time lining themselves up for us. Then the camera malfunctioned. Then the memory card. Then the drone battery.

Finally, after almost an hour of arm-wrestling the modern technology, the drone took off into the sky. And we took some hopefully wonderful photos. I will share them with you when I get them from the photographer.

So it goes… something comes down, something goes up. 🙂


Ever tried to get rid of a non-functioning riding mower? Hope you never have to. Because mine has been a constant irritation ever since it failed some two months ago.

In its final dying moments, the rear wheel locked up tight. So I could not even tow it properly with my trusty El Jeepo to a scrapyard. But I did manage to literally drag it several hundred yards up the hill and along our gravel driveway to within 50 yards or so of the road. Its wheel plowed two deep tracks in the gravel. Which I have had to fill in and level manually.

That’s where it had been sitting for the last week or so. Because the local scrapyard owner failed to keep her promise and send her truck to pick it up. When I called Maui County “solid waste,” they said they only pick up “white trash.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“You know, fridges, stoves…”

“Well, I can paint my mower white,” I joked. “Will you come and get it then?”

At first the County clerk did not get my joke. Guess they don’t get to talk to many taxpayers with a sense of humor. But when finally the penny dropped, she cracked up and laughed heartily.

Bottom line? I was still stuck with my RED wreck of a mower.

And then I had an inspiration this morning. I’ll spare you the gory details. But with a combination of brain, brawn and luck, I was able to use El Jeepo to tow the old Red Wreck about a mile up and down the hills to the scrapyard – with the rear wheels locked up tight.


Well, that shall remain my secret. 🙂 It suffices to say that it was a dangerous undertaking. That’s where the luck and my spirit guides help came in.



El Jeepo is our hero. Late yesterday afternoon, he performed another rescue mission. While riding my new mower down the steepest slope from the Upper to the Lower Rainbow Shower, I temporarily lost control of it. The brake would not hold. So the mower and the rider were skidding and hurtling toward the creek and the AHA (my sacred place) like stunt drivers.

Eventually, we stopped, the mower lodged atop the AHA between the two railroad ties which acted as brakes. It felt as if I put the mower back in the crate, only deeper. ☺ There was no way I could budge the mower out of that position. So I had to walk back up the hill to the house, get El Jeepo out of the garage, and then bring it down to the gulch for another rescue mission.

It worked. And nobody got hurt. The mower and I went on about our business and finished the cut before sundown. Then I thanked my spirit guides. Because both the mower and me could have been in for a lot of hurt the way we were hurtling down that steep hill. So to make sure we know better the next time, as the final act for the day, I drove the mower down the same steep hill. Kind of like teaching a dog new tricks. 🙂

 * * *


June 24, 2016

I went down to the gulch to do my usual rounds of the Rainbow Shower in mid-afternoon. I noticed this green lizard on our green Giraffe Bridge soaking in the sunshine.img_3661

He did not mind me. I did not mind him. So I just left him enjoy a lazy summer afternoon.

When I finished my chores, though, about half an hour later, my new green friend was still where I had left him before.

I took a closer look. His eyes were closed. He was evidently having his afternoon siesta.

“How cute,” I thought.

I hiked up to the house to get the camera. “Wonder if he’d still be there when I get back?”

He was. So I took these pictures.

In fact, when Elizabeth joined me for another walk in the gulch, some two hours later, our friend was still there. Only this time, his eyes were open and he was shifting his weight from one foot to another.

Elizabeth looked uncomfortable.

“Surely you’re not afraid of a little lizard like this?” I asked.

“Maybe he could jump up at me?”

I was lost for words after that remark. 🙂

Anybody knows a proper biological name for this happy creature?

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