Looks like El Jeepo will be heading for Arizona next week. I know, they say that it is “a woman’s privilege to change her mind.” In this case, I’ve had a change of heart… today, after I had brought El Jeepo back home from an oil and filter change.

So call me a woman, I don’t mind. 🙂 As long as I make the right decision in the end.

Today, I also had the mechanic put back on its original vinyl roof. I took it off on El Jeepo’s first day at the Rainbow Shower 7 years ago and never saw it until today. It had been “resting” from duty in one of our garage closets since 2009. Until now.

Why a change of heart?

First, I think I got a sign that I should NOT be selling it here and now. I thought I had a buyer pretty much lined up for it last Sunday for the full asking price of $8K. But on Monday, he started to act like a jerk. In the end, I told him he needed to find another car. A sign, as I said.


Second, after I saw the new/old roof on jt, I almost heard a voice telling me, “now you can ship it overseas.” That was not an option, of course, when El Jeepo was topless.

Third, as I was cleaning the new roof and the vinyl windows back home, some more practical reasons, and also some emotional factors, popped up in my mind for making the El Jeepo the El Keepo. Meaning, shipping it to Arizona instead of the Leaf.


** El Jeepo would only cost $50 dollars more to ship than the Leaf, and yet it would save me several thousand dollars of having to install a new 240V EV charger in my Scottsdale garage.

** Gasoline is A LOT CHEAPER in Arizona than in Hawaii. So for the duration of my ownership of the Rainbow Shower, when we come after the house sells, we would essentially have free transportation with the Leaf.

** El Jeepo needs new tires and tires are also less expensive in Arizona than in Hawaii.


** El Jeepo has a custom license plate (ALTZAR) and a custom logo (Rainbow Shower) which I designed myself 7 years ago. It was clearly meant to be MY CAR, not someone else’s.

** El Jeepo will be a perfect “fun ride” for the Arizona weather – with or without its soft roof. Off in the cooler months, on when the sun bakes up the desert. I remember having loads of fun with my Toyota Landcruiser in the early 1980s both in the lower deserts and the high mountain ranges. Back then, the Landcruiser was basically the same as a 4WD Jeep (nowadays Toyota made it into a fancy SUV with all sorts of bells and whistles).

Finally and most importantly, my heart tells me that making the El Jeepo the El Keepo is the right thing to do.

As I reached that conclusion this afternoon, I remember that an longtime IBM friend of mine from upstate New York told me last June:

“As for El Jeepo….it has been my experience that once you own a Jeep…..you will always own one. I am on number 5. Current one is a 2004 still serving me like a dedicated and faithful friend.”

Bob Samson, you’re so right. Looks like El Jeepo will be here to stay even if it has to make an overseas trip first.

Guess I’d better remove the FOR SALE signs from El Jeepo now. 🙂


During today’s El Jeepo oil and filter service, I asked the mechanic to do a thorough “once over” and see what else might need repairing or replacing. There are 2-3 items like that. Nothing major, only about $350 including labor. But that means they’ll have to keep the car for half a day on Tuesday. And since I don’t have a second ride, with Elizabeth being in AZ already, they recommended I try Uber. I have never done it before, but it sounds like an interesting learning experience.

“Thank you, El Jeepo.” ☺ 🙂

* * *



I just have to share with you a comment from a longtime friend in West Virginia, also a media editor:

“I’m so glad you are keeping El Jeepo. I felt really bad when you said you were selling him/it. El Jeepo is part of the family and I have become accustomed to hearing the stories. El Jeepo feels like your adopted child to me. 

Yeah!! You’re keeping El Jeepo. Besides, El Jeepo has done a lot of work for you and been by your side in some very trying times. It’s only right to not leave El Jeepo behind. “

To which I replied:

I feel El Jeepo is more like a faithful horse. Only 285 times more powerful.”

To which my friend replied:

Made me laugh, which I am really appreciative of since I’m in the middle of doing a bunch of crappy work.”

To which I replied:

“Crappy work? That’s El Jeepo’s specialty.” 🙂




This morning, I was just getting ready to take my El Jeepo for a final auto service here on Maui before shipping it off to Arizona. I heard a ding on my iPhone signaling I had a text message.

Turns out it was a woman who had just moved from New York to Paia who saw my FOR SALE ad (which I had forgotten to cancel!). I told her I had decided to keep the Jeep. She assured me she was a cash buyer who was willing to pay the full asking price and do it today. If I were willing to change my mind (again – see “EL JEEPO” TO BE “EL KEEPO” AFTER ALL).
She promised to call me again later in the day to set up a time to meet and do the deal. But I did not commit one way or another.
So I took El Jeepo in to service anyway. It’s just preventive maintenance stuff anyway. First, because I am still leaning toward keeping it. You know, bird in hand and all that… Second, because I am still leaning toward keeping it. 🙂
And third, because this gave me an opportunity to experience my first ever UBER ride! Since Elizabeth is already in Arizona, the auto shop stuff suggested I use Uber. They’ve all used it and had good experiences, they said.
And so did I. My first Uber driver turned to be a lady who is attending the School of Nursing her at the University of Hawaii. Married with a daughter. She even used to live near the road where the Rainbow Shower is. So she knew the neighborhood well.
So it was an A+ first Uber experience. I recommend you try it, too, if you haven’t already. The company also sent me this promotional code which you can use for your first ride:
No strings attached. Here’s what the company said about it:
“Below is your custom Uber invite code. They get a free ride and you will too (worth up to $15), after their first ride. It’s the ultimate Uber win-win, and there’s no limit to how much credit you can earn.”

 * * *



So I am “Jeepless” now. Not forever. Just for another three weeks or so.

A couple of hours ago I dropped off my El Jeepo at the Matson Shipping office in Kahului Harbor for its first overseas trip. Well, maybe the second. I don’t know of any Jeep factories in Maui.  🙂

So now you also know what my yesterday’s decision was about that full price cash offer – the El Jeepo will remain the El Keepo.

Before taking El Jeepo down to the harbor, I felt I had to take it up the mountain for a final ride on Maui. The El Jeepo has not only been a faithful and reliable workhorse at the Rainbow Shower. It has also been our mountain goat, our only ride up the 10,000 ft Haleakala volcano on whose slopes our property lies. The Leaf, our other electric car, for all its wonderful virtues, is just not cut out for mountain climbing.  It’s definitely a lowlander vehicle (makai – in Hawaiian).

So this morning, I pointed El Jeepo up Haleakala and let it go. We eventually stopped at Kula Lodge for its final Maui vista (elevation 3,200). This is the place El Jeepo would take us to on weekends in the good old days when we could still afford to eat pizza. Nowadays, we just have to look at a pizza and gain a pound. 🙂

The weather was perfect. And the vistas out of this world. See it for yourself…


Farewell to El Jeepo Sunset Rainbow

I was sitting on the lanai this evening reading a book when I felt light misting in the air. The sun was just about to set. That’s when the rainbows are the biggest and the most beautiful. And it’s been a long time since we’ve had a sunset rainbow.

I grabbed my iPhone and walked down on the lawn to see. Sure enough, a big beautiful sunset rainbow stretched out over our Rainbow Shower home like a giant umbrella.

“That’s the El Jeepo farewell rainbow,” I whispered.

For more on that, see… http://wp.me/p3R16m-2Xv



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