Well, today was my turn to start to say farewell to Maui and to the Rainbow Shower. And I did the way a shaman does these things – with a sunset fire ceremony.

No, I am not leaving Maui just yet. But this will be the last Sunday I will be spending here. A week from now, I hope to be on a flight from Honolulu to Phoenix. As to when I might return, who knows? When the Rainbow Shower (property) either sells or leases out to the next caretaker.

But first things first. I could not just leave and not take care of the most sacred part of the Rainbow Shower, the Anahata sacred place and shaman’s altar. So I spent most of the sunny part of the day repainting all the railroad ties I used as beams to form the Anahata heart chakra shape.  The last time I did it was in March of 2015, I found out afterward.

This was a result…

I waited till the evening after the sun had set to do a proper farewell fire ceremony. In time, I will post here the videos of it. For now, here are some still shots from it.

As usual, after I was done with my prayers and invocations, I put on a couple of burgers on the sacred fire.  That was my dinner. The corporal meets the spiritual. 🙂

Here’s a short video about the fire ceremony…

Farewell to Maui Fire Ceremony 9-25-2016 – a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – https://youtu.be/ExxANXd8ATs

 * * *



by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

There are some friends you acquire on your travels through life with whom you connect only occasionally. But each time you to, it’s like a high voltage wire that goes straight to the heart. It doesn’t kill you. It ignites all sorts of positive emotions from the heart.

Andrew Cohen of Dunsborough, Western Australia, is one such a friend of mine. We used to be neighbors when I designed, built and owned the Bolt Hole in 1997/98, my first 3D work of art architected in Aussie bush home style.  After I sold the Bolt Hole in 2005, Andrew and I stayed in touch. Infrequently. Maybe once or twice a year.  But each time, it was about something important.

Such as when he and his friend Michael sesouth-beach-photot a world record running over 100 km Cape-to-Cape in December 2010. (see  Two Aussies Set New Record for the Ages – http://yinyangbob.com/Essays/Cape-to-Cape.html).

Last year, when I returned to my all-time favorite property in Western Australia with Elizabeth, Andrew and his wife Lindsay played gracious hosts to us several times. They made me feel I had really returned home again to Western Australia.

Tonight, Andrew did it again. He touched my heart with this FB  comment in reaction to this story:

“I can’t help but think of the Little Prince, sweeping out his volcanoes for the last time before leaving his planet (and his rose). All the best.”

I had tears in my eyes when I read this. Because Andrew seems to “get me” better than most people I spend time with day in and day out, including my family. So I replied:

“Wonderful analogy. So sweet. I am touched and honored you compared me to Little Prince. I am not sure if I will be leaving the planet just yet. But I am ready if my spirit guides think it is time. There will be no tears, just like the rose shed none in Little Prince until after he was gone. I feel only gratitude for the time I spent on Blue Star Earth and the friends I made while here, such as yourself.”

For those of you who may not be aware of this wonderful children’s book, the Little Prince was published in 1943. And this is the chapter to which Andrew’s comment referred.littleprince

Summary: Chapter IX

On the day of the little prince’s departure from his planet, he cleans out all three of his volcanoes, even the dormant one, and he uproots all the baobab shoots he can find. He waters his rose a final time. As he is about to place the glass globe over the rose’s head, he feels like crying. He says good-bye to the rose. At first, she refuses to reply, but then she apologizes, assures the little prince that she loves him, and says she no longer needs him to set the globe over her. She says she will be fine without him to take care of her. Urging the little prince to leave, the rose turns away so he will not see her cry.



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