Just a quick post to let everyone know I got back home to the Rainbow Shower in Maui on time. The flight from Phoenix was longer than expected – 6.5 hrs. Which is like going from London to New York. But all’s well that ends well.

Better than well. Look at the gorgeous sunset that welcomed me home.

Actually, half an hour earlier, I did not think we would have a sunset. The sky was gray and the sun was hiding somewhere far away. Lo and behold…

Thank you, Inti Taiti (Father Sun) and my beloved Santa Tierras of the Rainbow Shower (feminine land spirits, the fairies).

Oh, I was also welcomed by a new hand of bananas, some which are ready to eat right now.

But in that same area, I also found a toppled banana tree and a broken flood light (which is mounted to the corner of the house). Go figure…

Guess we just have to take the good with the bad and make it all better. 🙂

UPDATE DEC 11, 2016

Crystals Music Despacho Activation #2


Okay, so back to where we started this morning – the music crystal activation. It was lovely and emotional ceremony. As I had done in Arizona, I placed the crystals on my Clavinova and played some sweet tunes for the Santa Tierras of the Rainbow Shower (land spirits, the fairies). It was mostly various Mozart pieces, like Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Turkish March and Symphony #40, plus my latest creation – Memories of the Alhambra and Anahata (see

The idea is that the crystals will act as fairy transceivers and will recognize my music from now on no matter where in the world I may play it.

Then I repeated the same thing on my Steinway concert grand. Not the same music, of course. Just the process of embedding it into the crystals.

At the end, I wrapped up the crystals in beautiful rainbow color Mestana (shaman’s sacred cloth in Quechua, the Inca language), and then trundled off down to the gulch, spade in hand, to bury them under the Christmas Berry tree which sits between the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu sacred place, the Rainbow Shower creek, and the footbridge which I built some 6 years ago.

  * * *

UPDATE DEC 13, 2016


This was my first day of what I have been calling for years my “farmer’s yoga” at the Rainbow Shower. Except that after I had been guiding by the spirit last summer to give up regular maintenance and turn it over to professional landscapers, my farmer’s yoga now consists only of clean up and beautification.

Today, it was 90% clean up and 10% beautification. But the latter yields an unexpected discovery to do with my Music Crystal Transceivers.

You can see above what the Panax trees looked like when I arrived back home. They shot up in height at least 2 feet. So today lopped off the tops of about a dozen and a half plants and transplanted them elsewhere to thicken the green fence. You can see on the right what they looked like after this part of my farmer’s yoga.

Then as I was carrying about a dozen or so leftover saplings to plant them along our western property boundary, something pulled me like a magnet toward the spot where two days ago I had buried my Music Crystal Transceivers as a despacho for the Rainbow Shower Santa Tierras. So I planted one of the Panax saplings right there, sort of to mark the spot the way people sometimes plant trees, shrubs or flowers around the graves of their loved ones.

On the way back up, I also spotted three Starfruit still hanging 0n the tree which bears their name.

“That will be part of my tomorrow’s breakfast,” I said to myself as I picked them off the tree.

The middle shot shows all four now thriving fruit trees I planted in 2009 that line our Orchard Rd.




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