From London, England


This was the only day on our monthlong trip in Europe which we had pre-planned. The reason? The 1.3 million visitors that walk the small circle around the over 5,000-year old proof that past generations of humans have left behind that they were anything but backward. The mystery surrounding the huge standing stones of Stonehenge have made it the world’s most famous ancient site.

Having been to Stonehenge in 2008, I knew we would not be alone there, and that one had to make prior arrangements to ensure access to this popular tourist site. And since Stonehenge and Salisbury are a fair distance southwest of London, I opted for a train + tour bus combination over a rental car + do-it-yourself visit.

Once we got there it became quickly apparent that it was the right choice. The relatively small car parking lot was jam packed with private vehicles. And even the tour buses and coaches were stacked close together. Long lines stretched for everything – tickets, shuttle buses, restrooms. By having prepaid our visit, we were able to avoid most of them.

Anyway, once at the Stonehenge, I was surprised that one no longer is able to walk between the stones as we did back in 2008. Guess large crowds and preservation of ancient artifacts don’t mix well together. So now people walk a circle around the Stonehenge circle.

The picture of the two us that a nice British lady took shows you as close as one can get nowadays to the stones.


Afterward, Elizabeth and I spend some time walking through Salisbury and visiting its magnificent cathedral with the tallest spire in all of England. That’s where also the best preserved copy of Magna Carta is kept.


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