Heading south…


September 10, 2017

Lake Tahoe, Nevada Nevada flag and California California flag


Circumnavigating the deepest lake in the U.S.



It was a perfect day for sightseeing. The sky was as clear as a bell, and the deepest lake in the United States (600 ft) as calm as can be. So before we actually got to our today’s destination – South Lake Tahoe – we stopped at a scenic point to take these beautiful shots of Lake Tahoe.


And for Elizabeth to go foraging for pine cones. She is already planning her Christmas decorations in her mind. 🙂

The last two panorama shots here – at King’s Beach – was taken at the opposite (North) end of Lake Tahoe.


After checking out our immediate neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe, we took this 72-mile, 3-hour drive around the lake. And it was spectacular. The drive starts at our current elevation of 6,200 ft and rises up to over 7,000 ft before coming down again to the lake water level.

The overall elevation difference (which would be of interest to the many bikers we saw on the roads today) is about 2,600 ft. It’s a HARD ride with many steep slopes!

Once we got to South Lake Tahoe, we spent some time browsing the shops and restaurants in the Heavenly Village, the name of this place on the California side of town.

And it so happened that I spotted an “Indian” outfit that I thought would fit Elizabeth both physically and stylistically. She tried it on and loved it, too. And thus she morphed into a Pocahontas from Lake Tahoe.  🙂

As it turns out, I also found a nice western belt for me in the same store. I had forgotten to pack one, having left Scottsdale in shorts and 109F weather. So now my long pants can stay up.  🙂


If someone told me that people would be swimming in the deepest lake in the US in mid-September at an altitude of 6,200 feet, I would probably not believe them.

Yet, take a look at these pictures…

The lake’s surface temperature rises up to 68F in late summer, while the bottom remains constant at 39F year-round.

The 68F would have been too cold for Elizabeth and me who are used to Hawaiian water temperatures. But evidently not for these hearty Californians and Nevadans.


Lake Tahoe curiosities

It is not often that one can simply walk across a border. It is even rarer that the border is unmarked. Except for the name of a street – Stateline Ave – that IS actually the border.

Well, today, thanks to the fact that our hotel lies about 100 yards inside California, we actually got to experience all these Lake Tahoe curiosities.

Take a look at these three shots.

And those who do not live within 50 yards of the state border can also easily tell the difference between Nevada and California. All of the high rise casinos are on the Nevada side.  🙂 So we spent most of our time away from these smokey, stinky Houses of Sin & Folly – on the California side of the border.


 * * *

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