Heading south…


September 11, 2017

Yosemite, California California flag


An up-and-down drive – from 3,900 ft to 10,000 ft (elev.) – and many times in between

We have seen the Rockies. We have seen the Alps. We have seen the Andes. I have seen the Himalayas. And after all that, I can say that the Sierra Nevadas and its jewel – the Yosemite National Park – are every bit as beautiful if not more so.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out some of the pictures Elizabeth and I took during our drive from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite, where we are spending the night.

These are the shots we took of probably the most famous rocks in Yosemite – El Capitan and Half Dome. Both were also popularized by Mac OS names and images.

The temperatures in the Yosemite Valley at the time we took these shots were 89F !!! (elev. 3,900 ft). When we entered the park at Tiago Pass (elev. 9,900 ft), the temperatures were 62F – still surprisingly high considering the elevation.

On the west side of Yosemite, west of the Tiago Pass entrance through which we had arrived, we encountered again a lot of smoke from the forest fires elsewhere in California, west of Yosemite.

As for that bear road sign, you can see who the park rangers care about more – the bears, not the people?


We were apparently fortunate to get a reservation for tonight in a cabin at Evergreen Lodge, a rustic but comfortable resort, deep in the Yosemite woods near Mather, northwest of the National Park. The original lodge was built in 1921. But it was recently renovated so it looks old but has most of the modern amenities.

Here are some pictures we took upon our arrival. The temperature was still in the high-80s and the air felt downright stifling. But we were blessed with a brief rain shower which cleared the air and dropped the temperatures to an enjoyable level (down to 60F overnight).

Great Ball of Fire, S’mores and More

After taking the sunset pictures at the pool of the Evergreen Lodge, we walked out and headed back to our cabin. Suddenly a flash of light to the right attracted my attention.

I looked right and realized it was the setting sun shining through a club house window. I took few more steps back till my eyes were perfectly aligned with the glowing sun and snapped this shot of the Great Ball of Fire.

Later at dinner, I still had that image etched in my eyes when I tried to read the menu. That’s how powerful even a setting sun is.

After a scrumptious dinner (venison for me, salmon for Elizabeth), we had some S’mores which we made ourselves (Elizabeth did it actually). That was the dessert.

Part of the treats the Evergreen Lodge lays out for its guests is unlimited S’mores by the outdoor fire until 10PM. We just did one, though. Too full from dinner.

 * * *

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