It has been almost a year since the last time I did this (for me) arduous hike. My arthritic knees have been bothering me.  So I stuck mostly to doing laps in the pool every morning, and riding my bike and walking around our North Scottsdale neighborhood.

I don’t know what possessed me today to return to Calvary Hill Arizona, the site which Master Sananda (Yeshua, Jesus) identified to me as such during my 2013 Desert Quest ( I just set out to do a short hike in the hope that it may help me lose some weight. Every time Elizabeth and I come back from a trip (like the last one to Maui), we seem to gain weight. And then it is a struggle to take it off.

But one thing led to another, and putting one foot in front of other, I found myself atop the Calvary Hill Arizona around 3PM this afternoon.

The last time I did that was on Good Friday of last year (see – ANOTHER GOOD FRIDAY PILGRIMAGE ON CALVARY HILL ARIZONA –

It was a marvelous feeling to be back at the Calvary Hill summit where so many important revelations happened to me in this lifetime. Everything looked the same as the last time, including the sharp jagged rocks which had, at times in the past, exacted a toll in blood from my calves and shins.

But not today. Today, I came and went unscathed, just as I had asked my spirit guides at the outset of this hike.


The quality of light was better today, sharper, I thought. Maybe it was my camera. Anyway, you can see for yourself the two panorama shots taken from the same spot today and three years ago.

Here are some other pictures from this marvelous hike, starting with this view of Phoenix and the Camelback Mountain from the elevation of about 2,100 ft. You can also see the trail course on the map. Except that today I did it counterclockwise for the first time. Which made the distance a little shorter – just under 5 miles, with elevation difference of about 1,700 ft.


UPDATE JAN 26, 2018


Just this morning, I was thinking during my daily meditation how we are not seeing as much, or any wildlife anymore in our neighborhood. And we used to see not just lots of rabbits, but also coyotes and bobcats.
A pair of coyotes walked calmly on the sidewalk in front my home in March 2006 (photo). Or like this bobcat that I came across on a bike ride:
Alas, that was over four years ago. And the last bobcat we saw was actually on the wall of our back yard in June 2015. Again, a long time ago. Thus my morning lamentation that I have not seen them in a long time.
Well, God, or someone else upstairs, must have been eavesdropping. Because on my way back home this afternoon from running an errand on my bike, I came across a bobcat on a foot path not more than a couple of hundred yards from our come.

As I came upon it suddenly, I scared it. But not into a mad dash. The bobcat turned around to take another look at this strange fast-moving contraption on two wheels before wheeling away itself into the shrubs.

How big was it? About the size of these baby tigers I was feeding in June 2006 during my trip to Ayuthaya, Thailand (see above).

So bobcats are still around, only fewer in numbers because of our long dry weather in the last 12 months, I suppose.


Turns out not very. Bobcat attacks on humans are extremely rare. But they can happen. And when they attack, it is usually because they have rabies.
So the best defense against Bobcats is – STAY CLEAR OF THEM.
Here’s what happened to a Massachusetts man when he entered his garage in 2015….

UPDATE FEB 3, 2018


I was coming back from my bike ride yesterday afternoon around 3:30 PM, when I noticed out of a corner of my eyes two gray creatures crossing the road in front of me. They were too big and too bold to be dogs.

“Coyotes!,” my mind identified them recalling some of my previous encounters with such ancient residents of our North Scottsdale neighborhood. Like when a pair of them walked right past my front door in broad daylight one morning in 2006.

A car coming from the opposite direction stopped, as I had on my bike, appropriately yielding the right of way to them.  Yet two women out for a walk across the street seemed oblivious of the two animals which were just yards away from them. And so were some golfers who drove in their electric cart up the hill right past the two coyotes without noticing them.

Guess it takes a local resident to spot such wild animals. Though in this case, they were kind of hard to miss.


Good Friday 2017


Today, I did my annual Good Friday pilgrimage on Calvary Hill Arizona.  It is a 6-mile hike with an elevation difference of 1,600 feet, plus another 6-mile bike ride (see the map).

It took me 3 hours to do this bike-hike–bike round trip pilgrimage from my Scottsdale home.  The temperatures were in the upper 80s, which is normal for this time of the year.  But for some reason I felt quite tired at the end.  It must be that darn desert pollen this year and the allergies that it is causing.

Anyway, I paid my respects to Yeshua as I do on every Good Friday.

“This is my church service,” I explained later on to my son-in-law who is visiting here from Vienna, Austria, with my daughter and their four children this Easter week.


Four years ago on Good Friday, Master Sananda (Yeshua, Jesus) took me to a place in the McDowell Mountains above Scottsdale that resembled the Calvary Hill in Jerusalem on which he was crucified two millennia ago.  And he left for me to find there some very special sacraments (see my 2013 Desert Quest (PDF))

Ever since that Good Friday 2013, I have been returning to this holy place in the Arizona desert whenever I needed Yeshua’s counsel and guidance. Over time, I identified on this rough mountain trail the 14 stations of the cross. In the fall 2013, I even created the music I play while on this pilgrimage.  It is timed to coincide thematically and geographically with each Station of the Cross.


On my way down, I also stopped and prayed at this beautiful Pachamama rock that resembles a Native American shaman with a buffalo spirit inside. I discovered it originally in 2008, just under the Calvary Hill summit.

 * * *

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