It’s amazing how much we can cram into one day even without trying. In just over 24 hours…

  • We drove down to Tucson (about a 2-hr drive),
  • Watched the movie “Chappaquiddick” on a spur of the moment,
  • Had a short nap+ at the hotel,
  • Enjoyed another delicious chimichanga dinner at an outstanding Mexican restaurant (Casa Molino, which we discovered 6 months ago),
  • Had a great dessert at Beyond the Bread bakery across the street,
  • Took in a wonderful musical (The Pajama Game) at the University of Arizona’s Marroney Theater,
  • Started the Sabino Canyon hike – which morphed in a spur-of-the-moment into a tough 7-mile Seven Falls trail in the canyon parallel to Sabino, and which included a Gila Monster sighting,
  • Followed by two refreshing frappuccinos as a reward for the physical effort and pain, and then
  • Drove the 2-hours back to our Scottsdale home.

By the way, of the lot, the only thing we had planned in advance was the play at the UofA and our hotel booking. The rest was all spur-of-the-moment stuff.

The UofA musical “The Pajama Game”, which originally became a Broadway hit in 1953, and has since earned three Tony’s as “the best musical of the year” for its revivals, featured the number “Hernando’s Hideway,” which was one of the earliest pieces I had played in my own revival and return to music in 2005.

Here’s a recording of it, among other famous tangoes, I posted on TANGO PASSION: HERNANDO’S HIDEAWAY & LA CUMPARSITA (TANGO FIRE”



To tell the truth, the trip wasn’t all roses. We also got an $85-parking ticket at the UofA. Because in its infinite (lack of) wisdom, the University of Arizona had scheduled three events at the same time at the same place, served by a tiny parking lot.

After driving for over 5 minutes around the parking lot, unable to find a legal parking spot, and with just 5 mins to go before our show was to start, I just parked our car at the end of another row of cars. We did not block anyone. We did not take any disabled or other special purpose parking spots. Yet we got nailed with an $85-ticket!

I plan to fight this ticket, especially as we are longtime sponsors and patrons of the UofA Performing Arts Center. This ticket would be a great way to ensure we never come back.

And today, at the end of our Seven Falls hike, I also bumped my right knee cap on a rock after my back foot slipped on a slick river boulder. (There are many river crossings on this hike – but very little water in the river).

Don’t worry. I’ll be okay. It’s just what happens on Friday the 13th. 🙂



Also, almost the entire time, we were battling high winds. Yesterday afternoon the gusts were as high as 45 mph. They reminded us of our visit to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland in October 2011 (see Spectacular Cliffs of Moher (Oct 18-19, 2011).

And even today the winds were getting up there. On our drive back home from Tucson our car felt like a spinnaker in a sailboat race. 🙂

The good news? High winds helped knocked down the temperatures from 92°F, when we arrived in Tucson yesterday afternoon, to 62°F, when we did our Seven Falls hike this morning. And back in Scottsdale, they were in the balmy mid-70s°F.

And that’s all she wrote from another Tucson Bob and Elizabeth adventure.

Oh, just one more thing… today is Friday, the 13th. 🙂


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