From Belgrade, Serbia

Stunning Air Serbia Crew: Highlight of the Trip

Just a quick note to let you all know that I have just arrived in Belgrade after a 20-hour journey from Phoenix via New York.

This was the first time ever that I have flown on Air Serbia. In fact, I had not even heard of that airline until just a couple of weeks ago. I chose this airline because it offered the best price and the shortest routing. But I never expected a bonus that I got when I arrived at the Air Serbia check-in counter at New York’s JFK airport.

Half a dozen stunningly beautiful female flight attendants were also checking in next to me. They were all tall, like female basketball players, but feminine, slender and beautiful, unlike the professional athletes. Each of them could have been a model in a fashion magazine.

Their uniforms were also stylish, but in a classy, old-fashioned way. As I was looking at them, I half expected to hear Frank Sinatra singing “Fly Me To the Moon.”

I walked over to these beautiful women, and said tongue-in-cheek, “is there some kind of a minimum height limit for hiring flight attendants at Air Serbia? You are also not just beautiful but so tall!”

They all giggled and smiled. I swear the shortest one was at least 5′ 10″ (178 cm). And the tallest, whom you can see in that first photo at far right), was taller than me by at least 2 inches. Which would make her about 6′ 2″ (187 cm).

No wonder Air Serbia is ranked among the top five airlines in the world for having “the most attractive flight attendants.”

Later on, I also found out that these flight attendants were very attentive to their customers’ need. What a contrast to the first flight I took from Phoenix to New York on America Airlines. Even the “priority” passengers are now expected to everything themselves that the airline used to do in the past, short of flying the airplane.

But at least the Phoenix Admirals Club was a pleasant surprise. They even offered to cook me a breakfast. I declined because I had already eaten at home.

To be continued…



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