From Vienna, Austria

May 31, 2018

Neustift am Walde – a hidden treasure of wine district in Vienna Woods

This has been my third visit in four years to my family in Vienna. But today was the first time that Neustift am Walde, a picturesque in Vienna Wood whose slopes are draped with vineyards, revealed some of its secrets to me.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 4.17.01 PM

When I went out for a noontime stroll, I had no particular objective in mind. I simply headed up the hill, in the direction where Elizabeth and I have not walked on our previous visits here. Here are some of the pretty scenes I captured along the main street of this little town on the outskirts of Vienna.


When I reached the end of the main street, I crossed the road and started to climb up a street on a steep hill. Suddenly, I was stopped dead in my tracks with a plaque on the wall of one of the ordinary looking houses. The sign said that this is where Franz Schubert lived in 1821 when he composed his famous sold “Little Village.”


Last year, I also discovered Johann Strauss’ presence here a few years after Schubert (1829-1832 – see JUNE 19-20, 2017: BACK IN VIENNA, RECONNECTING WITH SACHER TORTE, STRAUSS – see below).

In Pörtschach am Woerthersee, Brahms showed up last year. In Madrid in 2014, I discovered Franz Liszt’s place while walking to an underground parking.

And now Schubert. Within steps from my family’s home.

Amazing! Wherever I go, musical signs seem to pop up.

Here’s a video of that famous Schubert song he wrote here.

Anyway, I continued the climb up the steep street. Not far from the Schubert house, I came across this cute little church. Above the door, the following profound verse was carved in stone above the door.


In Glück und Gunst                                           In luck and favor
Weils Menschenkunft                                      Because human future
Bei Menschenleid                                              With human suffering
Nur Gott bescheid                                             Only God decides

I was getting quite winded at this point, but an invisible force propelled me to keep climbing. The steep street eventually turned into even steeper stairs. And then another narrow lane, also steep.

When the terrain eventually started to level out, I had climbed 400 feet in a few minutes, from the main street to this treelined path. I still could not see clearly where I was. The view was hidden by thick bushes and trees. But I had a feeling I had climbed right above the town.  Lo and behold… take a look at what I saw when the brush finally thinned out.


Spectacular views of Neustift am Walde that I never suspected I would find on this little outing. And then, the views got even more spectacular. I emerged from the trees to a dirt path through the highest of the vineyards. The white house you can see on its edge, call it a little castle if you will, has the best of all worlds – beautfiul panoramic views in the distance, and just as gorgeous greenery of vineyards close by.

Turns out the owner of the vineyards is the same family who own the cute little inn in town at which I am staying (see the sign in the vineyard).



A man walking past me, whom you can see in the distance (above), said to me in German, “schöne panorama Aussicht” (beautiful panorama views). “Indeed,” I replied.


When I finally returned back to my inn, my knee was hurting. But it was worth. I discovered new treasures of Neustift am Walde I knew nothing about before today’s stroll.




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