I am back in Serbia, spending the weekend with my nephew Stasa and his wife Nina at their place in Brestovik on the Danube, a short drive from Belgrade.

Stasa met me at the airport after a short flight on an Austrian Air turbo prop from Vienna. We then picked up Nina at her work place, and drove straight to Brestovik, without stopping in Belgrade, where the temperature reached at least 34°C today (93 F).

It was 32°C even here, though it did not feel that hot as in Belgrade. And now after the sunset, the evening temperature is quite pleasant.

Here some pictures from today, starting with this beautiful sunset over the Danube which we have just witnessed.

Stasa decided to make this a romantic candlelight dinner.

The three of us stayed out on the terrace and talked till 1:30 AM. “Back in Serbia” in spades. 



​Afternoon walk reveals similarities between Vieena’s Neustift am Walde and Belgrade’s Brestovik suburbs

This was another relaxing day of a weekend I am spending with Stasa and Nina at Brestovik, a lovely Belgrade suburb on the Danube. My nephew and his wife were doing chores to get their country place ready for the summer – a cleaning lady scrubbed the pool before Stasa starting filling it up.

I mostly just sat on the terrace and wrote, enjoying the beautiful panorama view of the Danube and the rolling hills around it. One could not wish for a better “office.” At one point, all three of us worked on our laptops.

Stasa and I also both played piano. At different times, of course. 🙂

Later in the afternoon, I also went out for a walk around the neighborhood. I returned amazed at how similar Brestovik and Neustift am Walde look – the latter being the Vienna suburb where my daughter and her family live,.

Toward sunset, Stasa also practiced tennis with the ball machine. I helped as a “ball boy” in between the sessions. I did not want to risk messing up the work my doctor did on my knee before I left on this trip. Maybe when I came back later in the summer, God willing?

And then, just as I thought this serene day was done, something happened that made me run right back to the terrace, camera in hand.

Nina and her sister started to get the table set for dinner. I had already taken my laptop, phone, and other attachments back into the house. But when I turned to answer something Stasa had said, I saw this great ball of fire over his shoulder.

“Excise me,” I said, and ran back into my room to get the camera. And THIS is what the lens captured.



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