Magical guidance: Finding a new larger flat only 5 min or 400 m (1,300 ft) away from my present apartment

It happened again. When I decided to look for a possible flat for me in Belgrade last May, the one I am in now was the first and the only one I considered out of hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate listings. It was clearly a message from the spirit realm and my guides that this was it.

On Sunday (Sep 2), Olivera and I set out to look for a new larger flat for us. The one we have now leased for a year was the first and the only one we looked at.

And its address is #29, which is #11 numerologically.  Which is a Masters Number that has always played a major part in my life, along with #3 (see Significance of Masters numbers “11” and “3” in Altzar’s life).

Another spirit message; another confirmation of being on the right path.

The best part?

Our new apartment is only 5 min or 400 m away from my current flat. How’s that for some spirit guidance magic? 🙂 We plan to move in there later on this month.


And now you can also take a look at our new 150 m² with two terraces and 270° views of the city.


UPDATE SEP 10, 2018


Things have been moving with lightning speed since Olivera and I drove to Lazarevac on Saturday to choose my new piano. On Monday morning, the old Hoffman piano was already picked up from our old apartment and taken back to the dealer.

And by mid-afternoon, the new Meister piano was delivered to our new flat.

And this is what it looked and sounded like on its first day at our new home.  Mića Vasiljević, our dealer and tuner, had already softened its keyboard and tuned it prior to delivery. All I can say as a musician is that it felt as divine as it sounded.

But take a listen yourself.

FIRST SOUNDS OF MY NEW PIANO AT OUR NEW FLAT – Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca – a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – Sep 10, 2018

Here are also some still shots from this recording.



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