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An American in Serbia: From a Writer’s Notebook Serbia flag


July 2018

In early May, I took off from my home in Arizona on “Spontaneity Trip of a Lifetime.” I knew my first destination – Belgrade, Serbia – but had no idea where I would end up after that (see- EUROPE 2018: FIRST STOP BELGRADE, THEN WHAT? AN AMAZING SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, NOT “JUST” AN OVERSEAS TRIP).

The upshot of that trip was the spirit guidance I received in Serbia that I return to my native city and spent the next six months at my new flat in the heart of the Old Town (Stari Grad). The mission: Help raise the vibration and spiritual consciousness of the Serbian people (see EPILOGUE: AN AMAZING SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, NOT “JUST” AN OVERSEAS TRIP).

And so now that I have been in Belgrade for several weeks, I have been living that dream. Every day has been a blast. And I have been sharing my experiences with my friends and the world through this blog.

I have been also receiving many flattering comments from readers, especially the Belgrade residents. Here’s what a neighbor of mine recently wrote to me, for example:

FRIEND [Jul 19, 2018]: Judging by your Journal, I feel as if we don’t live in the same city 😉…

BOB [Jul 19, 2018]: Why not?

FRIEND [Jul 19, 2018]: Because you take part in so many events that I would never have heard of had I not seen your pictures…

Others have told me similar things, both verbally and in writing. Which gave birth to an idea this morning that maybe I should start formally a Belgrade Journal as a regular column at this website. And perhaps even syndicate it through other media, both in English and in Serbian (if I can find a good translator as I used to have when I had regular columns at many years ago.

What do you think of the idea? To reply, go to the bottom of this page…

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In the meantime, I have already incorporated here the recent stories from my Belgrade Journal which you can access below.

Europe 2018 photo collage

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